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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adelphi or Hofstra University?

Which one of these private Long Island colleges is for you: Adelphi University or Hofstra University? 
Adelphi University

Adelphi Science Building

Hofstra University
Bridge over highway connects 2 sides of campus

Hofstra University


  • Have ready access to New York City
  • Are among the less expensive private colleges
  • Have Honors programs 
  • Have Learning Differences programs
  • Are arboretums.

Some important differences are:
  • Size: Adelphi is much smaller than Hofstra in both the number of students and the campus size
  • Commuters: Adelphi has a larger per cent of commuters
  • Surrounding neighborhood: Adelphi is in a safer neighborhood 
  • Per cent accepted: Larger per cent of students is accepted at Adelphi than Hofstra
  • Per cent graduate: Larger per cent of students graduate from Adelphi than Hofstra
  • Sports: Adelphi is NCAA Division II and Hofstra is Division I
  • Strong majors: Adelphi is known for nursing, elementary ed, accounting, performing arts, psychology, and phys ed.  Hofstra is known for accounting, biology, creative writing, international business, music, audio/video/film, drama and dance.

Which of these two Long Island universities do you like best and why?


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ

Rider University focuses on five advantages: connected learning, leadership skills, global perspective, social responsibility, and being student-centered.

Some special items of note at the Lawrenceville campus are:

o Education - Education majors are in the field observing starting in their Sophomore year; Education majors can student teach in NJ and Pennsylvania; 100% passed PRAXIS

o Business - Separate business honors program, one of only 35 Global Supply Chain Management programs in the country, forty co-op positions with Johnson & Johnson

o Hands-on learning including research, internships, co-op assignments, field experience.

o About 88% of students live on campus. There are over 150 clubs.  12-15% of undergrads are involved in Greek life. There are 20 Division I teams with basketball being the biggest sport.  Students contribute about sixty thousand hours of community service per year.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT

The clock tower is playing a show tune.  The Division I Tennis Team is practicing.  You look out at the spacious quad and to the adjacent Sleeping Giant Mountain State Park.  You are in Quinnipiac’s 250-acre Mount Carmel campus, one of three campuses that make up the university.

The school is best known for health, including physical therapy and nursing; communications, with two radio stations, a TV station, and home to the famous Quinnipiac Polling institute; and business, with the facilities of the Lender School of Business.

Classes are small with an average size of 22. Students are involved in clubs, intramurals, and Division I sports. A small percent participate in Greek life. Students also take advantage of activities in Hamden and New Haven.  Juniors and seniors will need a car for travel between the York Hill and Mount Carmel campuses.

If you’ve been admitted to Quinnipiac, what do you think the pros and cons of the school are?