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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Five Things for High School Seniors To Do Now

For high school seniors, college application deadlines are just around the corner. Here are five things to do now, to be ready for fall application deadlines.

1. Finalize the college list and know the due dates. Generally, I recommend that students apply to no more than nine colleges, including stretch, match and safe schools. College application deadlines vary, and some schools have application due dates as early as October. For each school on your final college list, decide whether to apply early decision, early action or regular decision. Record the application and financial aid due dates.

2. Schedule Fall tests. If you haven’t taken the SAT or ACT, or want to take them again, check that the scores will be available by the college due dates, and then register. October is often the last test date that will be scored in time.

3. Schedule college visits. Many colleges use “enthusiasm to attend” as one of their admissions criteria. Visiting is an excellent way to demonstrate your enthusiasm and to learn more about the college. If possible, schedule an interview when you visit.  You may be able visit some colleges that are in session, before high school resumes. 

4. Get teacher recommendations. If you did not ask teachers for recommendations in the Spring, do it as soon as school starts. Notify your guidance counselor if you will be applying to schools early admission, since they also need to prepare a recommendation and get other materials ready for your applications.

5. Finish applications, including essays early. Your applications are critical and should be treated as such. Your essays will take time to write and revise.  Plan enough time to revise each essay three or four times.  Make sure to proofread your applications, including essays carefully.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Clay College, Millville, NJ

 I was walking down High Street in Millville, NJ when I came upon a storefront with a sign that said Clay College, Cumberland County College. I went inside and found myself in a gallery. Beyond the gallery was a spacious ceramic arts studio with fifteen pottery wheels and four kilns.

Jackie Sandro, the Clay College Director who also teaches Ceramics, gave me an impromptu tour of the facility and answered my questions. At the Clay College facility, students build pottery and sculpture using hand building and the pottery wheel. Students at can get an Associate in Arts in Ceramics or an Academic Certificate in Ceramics. The Fall 2012 for-credit Ceramics offerings include Ceramics I, Sculptural Ceramics, Ceramic Technologies, Clay Co-op Experience - Gallery, Clay Co-op Experience – Studio, and Craft Business Practices.

If you are looking for a public New Jersey community college, with a program in Ceramics, learn more about Clay College, Cumberland County College.