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Monday, August 6, 2012

Clay College, Millville, NJ

 I was walking down High Street in Millville, NJ when I came upon a storefront with a sign that said Clay College, Cumberland County College. I went inside and found myself in a gallery. Beyond the gallery was a spacious ceramic arts studio with fifteen pottery wheels and four kilns.

Jackie Sandro, the Clay College Director who also teaches Ceramics, gave me an impromptu tour of the facility and answered my questions. At the Clay College facility, students build pottery and sculpture using hand building and the pottery wheel. Students at can get an Associate in Arts in Ceramics or an Academic Certificate in Ceramics. The Fall 2012 for-credit Ceramics offerings include Ceramics I, Sculptural Ceramics, Ceramic Technologies, Clay Co-op Experience - Gallery, Clay Co-op Experience – Studio, and Craft Business Practices.

If you are looking for a public New Jersey community college, with a program in Ceramics, learn more about Clay College, Cumberland County College.

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  1. Clay College is scheduled to open for the new semester on January 23rd, 2017 in their new building at the corner of High and Vine Streets. This is the exact address:

    321 North High Street
    Arts and Innovation Center
    Millville, NJ