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Monday, March 5, 2012

The Cooper Union, New York, NY

The Cooper Union is a one-of-a-kind private college.  Since 1859, it has been providing a full-tuition scholarship to every admitted student.  But it’s not an easy school to get into.  Only 8% are admitted.  There are about 1000 undergrads (64% male) who study engineering, visual arts or architecture.  The school has a handful of buildings (including a student residence that houses only 178) scattered in or near Cooper Square in Manhattan.  They represent both the old and the new as you can see from my photos.


  1. Full tuition scholarships at Cooper Union may be at risk for graduate students, and possibly for undergraduate students as well. See
    for more details.

  2. Full tuition scholarships at Cooper Union will end in 2014. See
    for more information.